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Exploring, and writing about DesignPatterns as they apply to the PerlLanguage. Yes, that's right, Perl. Everyone knows that Perl programmers lack discipline and bondage. Perl does offer many OO features, as long as you aren't looking for compile time checking. Don't get me wrong - Java is great. I highly recommend Java for large or collaborative development efforts. Java addresses most shortcomings of C++, and creates a consistent, likeable language. Perl won't go away, despite many people's sincere desires, so I'm attempting to retrofit the bondage beating stick with a carrot. If Design Patterns can exploit the Perl programmer's natural love of fun and neat tricks, we may be able to convert some of the unwashed masses - right? Having OO, lambdas, lexical scoping, tied data, operator overloading, symbol table manipulation, runtime inheritance tree manipulation, multiple inheritance, weak typing, and access to the bytecode tree certainly makes for adventures to be had. I apologize - I know that adventuring can be fun, rescuing people who got themselves up a creek isn't. Documenting useful interaction between these diverse ideas is uncharted territory, perhaps akin to a polar region, waiting to be explored. -- ScottWalters

The Perl Design Patterns Wiki is at [source code is here:]. This is also the TinyWiki.

Also known as PerlDesignPatterns.


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