Perl Poetry

"PerlPoetry" == oxymoron

No, "PerlPoetry" eq oxymoron.

(anonymous wit)++ # heh

PerlPoetry is poetry written in PerlLanguage, or the result of translation of existing poems into PerlLanguage.

See and

for examples. Here's a good one, by Eric Andreychek:


$brillig and $toves{slithy}; for $gyre ( @wabe ) {} for $gimble ( @wabe ) {} map { s/^.*$/mimsy/g } @borogoves and $mome{raths} = outgrabe;

if(my $son = fork) { warn "Beware the Jabberwock!"; jaws && bite, claws && catch; warn "Beware the Jubjub bird" and $shun, $Bandersnatch{frumious} == 1; }else{

$_{hand} = \$sword{vorpal}; seek FOE, $manxome, (4_294_967_296 * time); sleep ($tree{Tumtum} = $_); while (study) { stand }

while (study($uffish)) { $_{stand} == 1; } unless ($Jabberwock = fork) { $Jabberwock{eyes} = flame, $Jabberwock{movement} = wiffle, $Jabberwock{location} = $wood{tulgey}; while ($coming=1) { burble }}

(1, 2), (1, 2) and through and through; $sword{vorpal}{blade} = snicker-snack; (kill 9, $Jabberwock), $head = (chop $Jabberwock); sub{ return $_, $head }; }

tell $son, "And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?". "Come to my arms, my beamish boy! ". "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! ", $_{joy} = chortle if $son;

$brillig and $toves{slithy}; for $gyre ( @wabe ) {} for $gimble ( @wabe ) {} map { s/^.*$/mimsy/g } @borogoves and $mome{raths} = outgrabe;

Here's a different kind of PerlPoetry:

    Perl can bend steel bars and move mountains. 
    Perl can turn back the hands of time. 
    Perl is good for the goose and for the gander. 
    Perl can beat up Mike Tyson with one hand 
         tied behind its back. 
    Perl can make a rock so heavy it can't lift it. 

Perl has saved the rainforests, It has been to the moon And it has cured all major diseases. It has exceeded all known bounds. It has mapped the universe and created an exact duplicate. Perl has danced with angels and dined with Shakespeare.

Miguel Cruz in comp.lang.perl.misc 6qlj11$aok$

The old site had this nice poem. Unfortunately, the new one did away with it, but thanks to the GoogleCache, I was able to find it again, and save it here for posterity. --JohnBeppu

Yes, you mention that perl can do all those things in the poem. However, can you use it to write coherent code? :)

Of course, my friend. ThereIsNothingPerlCannotDo.

Wasn't it about three years ago, at a website hosting company in North Carolina (running Apache and mod_perl), that someone used PerlLanguage to write coherent code? Of course, it was strictly a proof-of-concept project which never made it into production. I'm sure CiteSeer has the resulting paper somewhere...

See also the coleridge rip off:

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