Pimki Wiki

A PersonalInformationManager Pimki is written in pure RubyLanguage, is extremely easy to install and comes with its own Web server (unpack, run and browse). Has integrated ToDo lists, Bliki (blog integrated with the wiki), MindMaps? (through GraphViz), advanced search and categorisation, and other features that help organise personal/small project information.

Pimki is based on the RubyOnRails WebApplicationFramework? and is a descendant of InstikiWiki.
I visited the Pimki home page, and it didn't give me the warm-fuzzies. The page seemed to ramble a bit, and it claimed that there were some "suppressed" Instiki features but never explained what those features are. Ah, well, I don't really need my person information-managed, anyhow. -- BillTrost


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