Pinky And The Brain Language

Just what is a PinkyAndTheBrainLanguage? Just what you'd expect -- one that tries to "take over the world!!!!!" (maniacal laughter)

For the uninitiated, see PinkyAndTheBrain

Some languages provide little more in the language definition (including the standard libraries, for languages which come with such) than basic types and control structures. C is a good example, with primitive I/O (suitable for low-performance file manipulation and console I/O, but sorely lacking for anything more than that) and memory management, but little else in its standard library. The extreme of this was Algol, which had no I/O support in the language -- which meant that it was easy to port, but no useful program could be written without invoking non-portable features.

Other languages, the subject of this page, take the opposite approach; and try to provide the programmer with everything. In some cases, they merely abstract the underlying system; in other cases they attempt to impose their will on the underlying system. While the latter makes for greater portability, if a particular machine doesn't mesh well with the model mandated by the language, pain and suffering results.

Examples of PinkyAndTheBrainLanguages include:

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See BondageAndDisciplineLanguage

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