Plan Nine From Outer Space

A silly SciFi flick from EdWood. Done for the Southern Baptists.

This film holds the record of winning the most Golden Turkey film awards. It's really, really bad. Unless you're drunk.

The OpenSource OperatingSystem PlanNineFromBellLabs was named after this movie.

Who or where did Glenda come from?

Trying to make a subtle reference to GlenOrGlenda? there? Perhaps... looking for the answer.

Anyone who sees the movie will understand why the first 8 plans failed

Won the coveted NormanBates? award for the best use of a shower curtain in set design.
Despite popular belief, this is far from the worst film ever made. Plan 9 is a cheap film, a film that tries to do more than it ought, but at least it tries. It has brought more joy to the world than "Town & Country", "Love Affair", "Bugsy", "Dick Tracy" and "Ishtar" combined.

Jeez, what do you have against Warren Beatty? There are plenty of horrible movies that he's not in.
I haven't seen it but I can categorically state with 100% confidence that Highlander 2 is a worse movie than this or any other movie or any future movie or any movie you can possibly dream of.

Hmm. You should put your $0.02 in on MoviesToAvoidAtAllCosts.

PNFOS is a great movie, with or without beer, but for all the wrong reasons.

I love the scene where the guy is running from the aliens, and you see a shot of him running from in front. And a shot from behind (hey, waitaminute -- it's night now). Then front (day again). Then back (night)... --JasonFelice

Yes. The lead vampire changing from Bela Lugosi and someone who looks almost exactly not like Bela Lugosi is good too.

And some fantastic dialogue...

I particularly like the one about sunlight being made of many atoms.

see: PlanNine

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