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PlatypusWiki is an enhanced WikiWikiWeb with ideas taken from SemanticWeb. It's a SemanticWikiWikiWeb. It offers a simple user interface to create a WikiPage plus metadata according with W3C standards. It uses RDF (ResourceDescriptionFramework), RDFSchema (RdfSchema), and OWL (WebOntologyLanguage) to create ontologies and manage metadata.

Platypus Wiki is an ongoing project started on 23th December 2003. The pre-alpha version is again in early stage of development and implements only few features, but you can already try it and see how it works.

More info at: The latest news is 4th August 2006.

A temporary demo is now available at We are searching for help, feedback from early users and a free housing server too ;-) -- PaoloCastagna

I like it.

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