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PocketSmalltalk, http://www.pocketsmalltalk.com, is an implementation of the popular SmalltalkLanguage for the PalmPilot / PalmOs. It consists of a development environment which runs on Windows 95/NT, along with a cross-compiler which can generate "executable" .PRC files from Smalltalk source code.

Pocket Smalltalk makes it easy to develop applications for the PalmPilot. You have the full power of the Smalltalk programming language along with a complete class library. Best of all, Pocket Smalltalk creates small, standalone executables. No runtime libraries are required.

(from the web site)

It works, it's cool, it's a good reason to buy a PalmPilot.

-- RonJeffries

It's currently PalmOs only, but the source is available if you want to port it. :)

-- AdamVandenberg

Will this work on a PocketPC as well?

For your PocketPC you can get a free license for JayLanguage from www.jsoftware.com. It was originally for CE 2.1, but seems to work well on my Jornada 545. -- JimRussell (but isn't Smalltalk --PeteF)

Despite reading Wiki for some time, I never really got into Smalltalk until I tried PocketSmalltalk. I tried SqueakSmalltalk and couldn't get the commands listed in the tutorial to work, and I hated how ugly it was. I also tried GnuSmalltalk, but it didn't seem very well supported. I'll have to try it again soon now.

I have an allergy to using non-free programming environments when there aren't any good free ones. What I mean is, I accept Visual C++ because I can use gcc if I find something deplorable about a future version of VCPP or something like that. On the other hand, if I like a non-commercial smalltalk environment, then I will have to pay a lot of money to buy it if I want to do anything commercial. I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on programming environments for doing small-scale contract work occasionally. I am taking a new stab at GnuSmalltalk. It isn't so bad, but it isn't an environment like most of smalltalks, and it doesn't seem to have GTK or WxWidgets support. Lacking those two toolkits is what gets me. Haven't yet looked at what it takes to link in external C code though. If it's like PythonLanguage, it won't be too bad.

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