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 Let's raise the tone of our converse
 By rhyming everything in verse;
 To rhyme is harder than to prose
 But pithier and less verbose;
 A poem, ripe with potent signal
 Displays wisdom in its original
 Text, received pure from the Muses,
 Unsullied by noise, rust, and abuses.

Further rhyming enlarges the mind Exercising forebrain with the hind Mental quarters - what better than scansion To add some rooms to your mental mansion? In even doggerelish limericks Lie enlightning, delightful gimmericks Dispense with prose and all blank verse! Forestall the EndOfWiki curse! Today, tomorrow, from now on Make WikiPages ring with song!
With apologies to OgdenNash and his estate. -- PeterMerel


FileHeaders HaiKu, Spring flowers sleep, burst and fall Nor reason nor rhyme.


I tell You dears, in sweetest candor Who are Dense with Alexander Rhyming words like 'Bee' and 'Sea' Made Edgar Allan Poe a Tree Impatient fingers drumming, drumming 'e' and 'e' were slow in cumming... Finish up at any cost This steely helix, crossed and crossed -- My chain link fence to Robert Frost.

-- WaldenMathews

A work in progress -

The Wiki Doth Restore My Soul
(a PetrarchanSonnet)

Betimes my choice of craft meseemeth vain
And all my pretty artifices fail
Nor my long years of learning do avail
To ravel out the tangle-threaded skein
Of logic, and of pattern, and of pain
That I have wound about me as a jail
And as the heaven's vault doth dawnward pale
My tears and curses pour like thund'ring rain.

Then to Ward's web I wiki-quickly go,
That global confraternity of mind,
The QualityWithoutaName to know.
A measure of nepenthes there I find,
There I regain the MentalStateCalledFlow
And to my task return, grief left behind.

-- CameronSmith

 Of course, this is WikiOnWiki, and as such gravely OffTopic...
 And leaves the keyboard all sticky, and the eyeballs all dim and myopic ...


An example of SeparateThreadsFromContent.

Rhyming is only one of several methods of forming sound linkages in poetry. Actually, a poem is defined as a bunch of text presented in structured form. So that if it is reproduced, the line breaks and positioning need to be reproduced as well. This paragraph is not a poem then.

Actually, poetry has nothing at all to do with the presentation of text on a page. Poetry is a verbal medium; poems are meant to be spoken and to be heard. Line breaks help to determine the intended spoken rhythm of a poem, but "a bunch of text presented in structured form" is not a poem any more than "a bunch of lines and dots written on staves" is music.

"No, not exactly. Not all poetry needs to be read aloud or heard. That is certainly where poetry was started, but poetry can be designed specifically for the page. In this case formatting issues would be absolutely critical. So although poetry can be a verbal medium, it is not defined that way, at least not these days. Visual poetry is legit, too."

Your words slay poetry, which delights my eyes
And lands deaf on my deaf ears.

Okay, I'm not deaf, but may I suggest that poetry can have both visual and auditory parts, and that each may delight different audiences?

 You say that I am full of shit
 And lacking in important wit
 My reasoning is all askew
 And hasn't anything to do
 With logic, beauty or good grace;
 Shame should redden up my face
 And hairy palms wipe tears away
 From dimming eyes - Onan's dismay
 Was all the dues that I could pay;
 A failing mind weren't all inside
 My egg-shell skull and woe betide
 Those sloppy egg-white bits of brain
 That ran out from their own disdain
 For nasty foolish bad ideas
 That festered here between my ears.
 I'd say you're right, but that would take
 More art and thought than in me bake. -- Pete.

Observing the above, the rhyming portion is a lot easier to grok than the HaiKu. Rhythmic poetry in general seems too hard. But then others may find it easier to HaiKuMe than RhymeMe. Try it and let's see!

Haiku ain't that rhythmic, either.

 My rival is dead
 My explicit sympathies
 Cold rain, falling tears
Haiku is meant to convey emotions --sometimes complex emotions-- in a simple way. -- ClintonLabombard

i came here to escape the killing floor many pages died tonight and i alone am ishmael to tell the tale

i am mishima

hero mishima of sun and steel the author dead by his command

but all that aside thanks for this sanctuary


this line in the first wikipoem on this page struck me: A poem, ripe with potent signal

reminds me of

''A poem should not mean but be

palpable and mute as a globed fruit''

hier stock ich schon!

i can't figure out how to do the é in globéd....

-- TomRossen 200212140145


When wording Wikis,

One wonders




words work?

or worsen-







 finding wiki brave and new
 not quite certain what to do
 so I'm trying out a rhyme
 to play within the paradigm
Advice: WhyTryToDeleteWiki WhenAndWhile OnTopic. WithAllDueRespect WhyNotStartToday AvoidDrawing WrongView, SayWhatYouDoDoWhatYouSay, GetOverIt, "ThatsNotMyProblem!"

See also: WikiBlackmailNote, TopicalityHomesickBlues
See PoemsParodyAndFilkRoadMap

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