Politically Correct

"Politically correct" as a term bugs me, because I only ever see in used in the context of "Why can't I be as racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. as I like?!"
The phrase PoliticalCorrectness is not PoliticallyCorrect. The correct phrase is CulturallySensitive.

No, CulturallySensitive would be the CulturallySensitive replacement for PoliticallyCorrect. Logically, the replacement for PoliticalCorrectness is CulturalSensitivity?.

Describing something as politically correct is to imply that it is only done because of external pressure and has no intrinsic value. (IMHO) --BenAveling

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An acronym for Politically Correct. A system of social control using public shame to force conformity in thought and speech. Intended for good by those whose desire is to eliminate prejudice, creating an all inclusive, tollerant atmosphere for all.

While having some positive impact in fighting prejudice, the PC tool has negative impact on freedom of speech and diversity. University cultures have been particularly affected. Conservative student press and extra-curricular clubs have been officially censured, shut down, and/or penalized because they do not conform to LiberalMind?'ed PC standards. In an attempt to create an inclusive, tollerant culture, the effect has been just the opposite. Oposing views are no longer tollerated and people are being excluded from the culture. -- BrucePennington

Growing up in the 60's, Political Correctness is a phrase I learned to associate with the wartime government of North Vietnam. One who was not politically correct was sent marching down the Ho Chi Min trail. That association gives the phrase an unpleasant overtone for me.

The now defunct, hard-left (and very PC) Greater London Council placed a commemorative blue plaque on the side of what is now New Zealand House in the Haymarket to remind passers by that Ho Chi Min "founder of modern Vietnam" once worked at the hotel that was on that site. --KeithBraithwaite

Keith, look who you've just managed to insult: not just sincere advocates of PoliticalCorrectness, but the hard-left, New Zealanders, supporters of Ho Chi Min and most of the candidates for Mayor of London. How much more damage do you intend to do today on Wiki? --RichardDrake

Modern, capitalist Vietnamese too, probably. I'm slipping:on a good day I can insult six groups before breakfast

Well, he is an important historical figure....of course you could argue whether the Vietnam he founded was a good thing, but it _is_ the modern Vietnam -- BurkhardKloss

Time to soapbox.

Extreme PoliticalCorrectness reminds me of the worst form of socialism: when BigBrother tries to protect people who should otherwise be capable of handling themselves if they were otherwise allowed to develop. Instead of helping them, BigBrother emotionally cripples them by sterilizing their worldview. Moreover, BigBrother also cripples other people's freedoms in order to protect the weak. Thus, society is much weaker as a whole.

In general, we are at the stage now when we are happy to give up our rights for a safer and better world. Consider giving up your right to privacy at airports for bag checks (get out of my underwear!) or random drug tests or security cameras or PoliticalCorrectness.

I think we need a MoreDangerousAndBetter world.

We're at this stage because Disneyfication, as the sterilization is generally known, causes socially defective people who are incapable of making value judgments. Thus, they are unable to judge when their lives are being diminished. And consequently mine.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" -- BenjaminFranklin

What's truly disheartening is that we buy the cultural filter that sterilizes our thoughts. We don't pay attention to real problems because they're hard to deal with, so ratings drop and commercials aren't sold for important programs.

I think everyone should fly to a third world country and leave the resort for a little bit. You'll get past the cultural filter. It's worth it.

Are you referring to GeorgeOrwell's BigBrother (i.e. the one in 1984)? If I remember correctly, the BigBrother in that book (who probably didn't even really exist) wasn't interested in "helping" anyone, just in perpetuating its own power, and in feeling the (apparent) joy of repressing other people. What you are talking about is probably more something like a BraveNewWorld, another dystopia which looks a lot more like something we might be heading for.

Forcing people to do things (while using "I'm helping them" excuses) is both a display of power and a way to perpetuate this power (empowered people need less "help")
On the other hand, I'm getting kind of tired of people using the wrongness of Political Correctness as an excuse for mindless obnoxiousness.

"Well, it's not PC to say this, but..." was old in 1990.

Not something I've encountered here in Wiki, thankfully.

Political Correctness actually has some value. Believe it or not. Some people call it politeness. The problem is that other people tend to take it too far.

anti-pc made it pc to be a friggin idiot.

It appears most of you have no idea what the phrase PoliticallyCorrect means. I could be wrong, but if you're going to complain about something, it only makes sense to actually know what it is you're complaining about. http://zuky.tumblr.com/post/2827066832

Thank you for posting this. -- JohnFletcher

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