Post Modernist Programming Language

Languages with something from every programming paradigm, style, era, whatever.

The PerlLanguage is an paradigmatic example of this:

LarryWall says:

The Perl motto is "ThereIsMoreThanOneWayToDoIt."

The above is often made into acronyms ranging around TimTowTdi TimTow2di etc.

LarryWall has also presented a paper on this:
The PythonLanguage supports several programming paradigms as well, but there's only one (syntactic) way to do each; see PythonVsPerl.

LispClos? and CeePlusPlus are also heading that way.

CommonLisp (not LispClos?), is not heading that way --- it's been that way for twenty years. And you don't need the godawful line noise syntax. And you can usually read your code the next day. --SmugLispWeenie.

Ironic, isn't it? :)

It is. Perl made sense in its original form, gluing together some often used unix tools for system administration tasks. As a general purpose language it touted 'flexiblity' as a killer advantage. However, as noted here, Common Lisp is simultaneously more flexible, more powerful (vastly), faster (vastly), and maitainable (vastly) than perl....

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