Power Book

PowerBook is the best laptop computer ever :-)


Apple stuck an IntelDuo? in it and changed the name to MacBook.

The name is a conscious nod to the DynaBook.

I would agree; at least the best that I have ever owned. A true UnixBox? in a laptop, due to the sheer joy that is MacOsx. -- ChadThompson
I would also agree. It's wide-screen resolution is incredible, but its speed and Unix roots are what make the difference for me. I think I can safely say that I will be MicrosoftWindows-free for the rest of my days. --DaveHoover
I find that is almost true. I have had to keep using MicrosoftWindows in a VirtualPC for a few applications I use on a day to day basis. MindManager and TheBrain are the main cuplrits; though I also need it for MicrosoftAccess and the designer client in LotusNotes. -- GarethHowell

MeToo. Most of the AlphaGeeks? around me have finally seen the light. -- HansGerwitz
Agree virtually. My experience with WinTel laptops has been pretty miserable. My little 700Mhz G3 iBook is a pleasure to use, if I could afford a PowerBook I would not hesitate to upgrade. --StevenNewton
17", 1Ghz, ... Where do you go when you have everything? Oh yeah, light up the keyboard! ;-) -- DannyFrey
Also value in long life. Still using powerbook G3/300MHz after several years. Although only OS 10.2.x. --BifCondor?
Amazing machine. I get compliments constantly about it -- Simba S
I love my 12" machine's size so much that I'm not sure I'll ever be able to upgrade to an Intel machine

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