Power Plant

PowerPlant is an object-oriented class FrameWork for developing on MacOs and MacOsx. It's written in C++ with a bit of MultipleInheritance. Some portions of PowerPlant can be used separately (that is, used in certain kinds of code resources that are not full-blown applications). PowerPlant is the most popular framework for C++ Mac programming. Alternatives include MacApp, WxWidgets and MacZoop?. Architecural overview: Metrowerks bundled PowerPlant and its successor, PPx, for years with the CodeWarrior compiler suite. The forward-looking PPx is geared toward Carbon development under Mac OS X. Though Metrowerks has left the Macintosh market for CodeWarrior, an open source community continues to maintain it.
PowerPlant's ChiefArchitect is GregoryDow?, who also wrote the earlier TCL ("THINK Class Library") framework bundled with Lightspeed/THINK/Symantec C and C++. He now works for Adobe following the Macromedia acquisition.

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