Principles Of Object Oriented Software Development

Anton Elieens PrinciplesOfObjectOrientedSoftwareDevelopment

ISBN 0201-39856-7

There's no superlative enough for this book on OO. The most thorough review of the current research, models, methods and practices in ObjectOriented world.

Recommended reading for all those who believe there's one and only and true OO model - and that should fit either Smalltalk or Eiffel ;-)


I wonder if anyone else has discovered that "good OO" makes your code worse? Recently I descended into object purism and landed in RefactoringHell. I'm going back to my latest slogan, "Objects are for idiots." cf. CppHeresy. -- SunirShah

While I was working on an OO cache for a relational database, I've taken for granted the principle of "object identity", that you can find in almost all well known OO books (you name the author here ... ) as something sent from Heaven. Well, in reality for some applications the principle smells like hell. -CostinCozianu

"Objects are for idiots". Did you try a little common sense doing objects? -- PavelPerikov

I'm exaggerating, naturally. As for common sense, I believe that would get your objects twisted pretty tightly. You should never apply common sense when programming OO. Circle/Ellipse. -- SunirShah

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