Programmer Hell

See also AlarmBellPhrase.

I think I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight...

-- JeffBay

See also, and HelpMe.
I'm there. Please, HelpMe.

Just tell them that your preferred programming environment is <foo>, not Microsoft Word.

Or, ask them if customer would rather have working software or more paper.

"We don't want too many superstars here. You'll all kill each other." Of course, my co-worker's immediate response was "Well, I guess I'll tone it down a bit, then." I laughed, I cried, I bit my tongue. -- JeffBay

I'm not convinced these two belong in ProgrammerHell.

"You shouldn't of sorted out the users problems, its a question of expectation management" -- AndyMorris

Frequently, it is a question of expectation management. This could be a mismatch between developer priority and business priority. You aren't giving us enough information about the situation to declare it a ProgrammerHell. :)

"How hard would it be to..."

This one also doesn't belong in ProgrammerHell, except in some circumstances that are definitely not universal. All they are asking for is an estimate, which is the Customer's right.

Now, it becomes a major plane in ProgrammerHell when they say "It couldn't possibly be very hard to..."

-- JeffBay

It's a problem when it happens several times a day.

In ProgrammerHell, dog shit is governed by Schrodinger rules. It's not actualized until you step in it. And there's lots of it.

In ProgrammerHell, you are forced to write an Ada compiler in COBOL.

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