Programming Pearls

Programming Pearls - 2nd Edition by JonBentley

ISBN 02-0165-788-0 Not to be confused with the book ProgrammingPerl, originally by LarryWall and RandalSchwartz. Programming Pearls is a handy book for code tuning, performance enhancements and general troubleshooting. Before I mess with a working program, I look here first for advice. This book is part of the ever-growing PatternPerson GreatBooksList. -- ToddCoram

I think it goes deeper than "code tuning, performance enhancements and general troubleshooting": it encourages people to think about programming in a systematic and lateral way.

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Reading this book convinced me that I need a new job. I read the book and thought, in quick sequence: great stuff, good book; wait a minute, this material has no connection with my work, what a scam; I wish it did, though; so, hang on, this is good stuff, so my job must suck.

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