Project Architecture

My new secret metaproject, sortakinda.

Basically any problem can be 'architected' [big clue], so I'm applying it to project management and methodologies. XP has problems under certain constraints/attributes. As it happens. Indeed the whole of the 'Agile' crew have made a number of assumptions on faith.

Perhaps this small page will make someone wonder what the hell architecture is if it applies to methodologies. Or not. We shall see.


How about "Architecture can be thought of as reducing risk by stabilizing unknowns." It is an IterativeProcess? that builds on previous architectures until you reduce a significant amount of risk and get some people to fill in the rest of the blanks.

A project may start out with a requirement, which is broken down to UseCases, then broken down to prototypes, then broken down to framework. At which point you'd get the rest of the people to fill in the gaps on the framework and finish the project.


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