Python Convert

This is one empty church :-)

I've recently converted away from Python, at least in theory. I've been immersing myself in CommonLisp and SchemeLanguage, with a bit of RubyLanguage on the side, and much as I love PythonLanguage, I really dislike some of its limitations.

Examples: Lack of true LexicalScoping/LexicalClosures, lack of full AnonymousFunctions, quirks caused by MeaningfulIndentation?, inability to modify the behaviour of e.g. integer literals as you can in Ruby, meager selection of control structures but no MacRo? system to add more, etc. And I'm thoroughly sick of typing self. def method(self): self.doSomething(self.CONSTANT). SelfDotSyndrome is the bane of my existence.

BruceEckel is one of the most vocal Python converts.


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