Python Plugin For Eclipse

Somewhat more up-to-date info can be found at: . Only the first two items listed here seem to be under active development as of July 2004. TruStudio? Python IDE seems to be most serious effort in Python Development with Eclipse. Includes great code analysis and completion features, competing with leading commercial Python IDEs. A very nice Eclipse plugin, with syntax highlighting, an outline view, even a debugger. It also provides integrated BicycleRepairMan and PyLint? functionality.

This is an EclipseIde plugin for Python development. Released a version 0.0.1 in July 2002, but very little activity since. It enables editing with syntax highlighting and includes the ability to run your programs.
There's also Python Editor for Eclipse at but it's at 0.0.1prealpha (release September 2002) and there hasn't been any CVS activity since October 2002.
And there's also PythonEclipse? which got up to version 0.0.3 in September 2002 and has been discontinued since. It's available at:
Hopefully one day someone will combine all these half-dead projects, merge in BicycleRepairMan and deliver a Python development environment that's anywhere near as nice as the Java tools.

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