Qualities Of Influential People

TheServant, on p. 37-38, lists ten qualities that people with authority (people who are influential, ones who other people will want to follow; see PowerVersusAuthority) should have:
  1. Honest, trustworthy
  2. Good role model
  3. Caring
  4. Committed
  5. Good listener
  6. Held people accountable
  7. Treated people with respect
  8. Give people encouragement
  9. Positive, enthusiastic attitude
  10. Appreciated people [should this be "appreciate"?] (appreciative?)

-- BobbyWoolf, 08/30/00
These are still applicable today, because they are almost timeless. The book from which it is extracted is still highly ranked at 3884 at Amazon.
I only fit about 3. I guess I'm an asshole.

Not necessarily. Which 3?
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