Quik Writing

Quikwriting is a gesture-based character set input style with similar goals to PalmGraffiti. It requires fewer gestures than PalmGraffiti, and you don't need to pick up the stylus so it's much faster. However, it is much harder to learn than Graffiti.

Like the PalmPilot's input style, these methods are just what the doctor ordered if you can't use a keyboard with your computer, but don't have enough computational muscle for handwriting recognition or (much harder) speech recognition. Wreck a nice beach?

Check out http://www.mrl.nyu.edu/perlin/demos/quikwriting.html.

To be usable, Quikwriting requires more looking at the writing area rather than at what has been written (compared with Graffiti), but this improves over time. It is better than the on-screen keyboard in this regard. The learning curve is rather steep. Less sensitive to external motion, it could be useful for those who have to input data on the move.

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