Random Acts Of Learning

Take a break from your programming, take a break from your climbing of the CorporateLadder?, take a break from learning Java.

Instead, try some RandomActsOfLearning - just explore, search around the fringes of what you find interesting. SharpenTheSaw.

This is how we grow: the BalloonModelOfKnowledge.

I've always thought that my employer would want me to be able to do my job well, so I've always taken some time every week to learn something that would make me better at what I do. (I had to club the cynic in me five times while writing that! Really, I've only worked for a few places that would fire someone on the spot if they found out they were 'training' on company time with company resources.)

Every new job is exposure to a new knowledge domain. I've been involved in publishing, library science, education, electronics, law, even accounting.

-- BobBockholt

In most cases, one can inform the employer in advance of such self-training so that they can contribute if they wish.

See also BreadthFirstLearning
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