Real Names Only Or Anonymous

See RealNamesPlease

RealNamesPlease is one of the WikiSocialNorms I personally agree with. But I have been thinking that the "please" isn't really a please and should be RealNamesOnlyOrAnonymous.

Yes, that's probably right. I often contribute anonymously because my name is in too many places here, and causes an unpleasant (to me) HaloEffect when I use it. But when the stars are right, I still sign. -- PeterMerel
I must admit to being a bit sick of having this discussion with each new individual who feels they are somehow so special that years of tradition (one that has worked well for this community) should be altered to address their personal issues. The community here (and I mean those who actually contribute to the community) is pretty much unanimous on this point. Any further debate today, tomorrow or next year is fruitless. Perhaps the first few people had a point. But the debate has been over for a while now and there is a consensus (believe it or not). Use your real name or be anonymous. There is no in-between. Let's stop talking about this idiocy and get back to creating signal. -- AnonymousCoward

See CategoryDramaticIdentity
There are already enough pages on this subject, before saying the same thing again on another page, or contradicting the already established WikiSocialNorms, read:
See RealNamesPleaseIsYagni, RealNamesPleaseDiscussion

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