Real Personality Please

There have been and perhaps even now exist people who contribute, modify and delete stuff from this wiki who do not use RealNamesPlease, preferring to allow a url or a series of different urls, a proxy, a sock puppet name, or who spoof the name of a present or past participant of this wiki, or create agents or bots to participate in and or control certain aspects of this wiki, instead of using the keyboard as a means of individual participation, using a RealName which represents a RealPersonality?, namely, that which represents who they are, and what they want to take credit for saying.

This page is presented as a CallForCollaboration to those who wish to participate using consistantly a name which represents a RealPersonality?, and not one generated to represent an identity not their own, or generated to create an identity with a personality and even a agenda, which is not like, or in harmony with their own personality.

This is not an accusation or even hint, that such identities may presently exist here. They may have existed in the past in this place and in other places in this Internet. Look for yourself and decide. Ask Questions, and answer them realizing the benefits of the spirit presented in the QuestionsWeAsk.

In this CallForCollaboration, the cry is for Real and Pertinent Subjects, Positive and Meaningful Dialogue, Helpful and Cooperative Discourse, and Sensible and Accurate Contributions.

Is this more than we should expect or desire?

Let us "Make It Real"

There are some "little" problems in your "WikiDreamWorld". Firstly, the human mind being as it is, it is nothing short of a miracle that any two minds can come together with even a 20% understanding on any subject, let alone when this is on an global/international scale. Individuals tend to be individualistic in their approaches and understandings, and there are LanguageBarriers too. One person's idea of a valuable contribution, can be another’s idea of garbage. Wiki is like that, in that "easy come, easy go" (easy to contribute, easy to delete) is a big part of the game here. For those of us that have been here for many, many years, we have learned that there are certain cycles to Wiki, but there is a definite change/decline taking place now. You are also not taking into account the demoralization of Wiki that came about from its past of the big EditWars, surviving Dictatorship, dealing with GrammarVandal, and now the inhuman SharkBot. Ignoring the spoofing of UserCookie?s and UserNames, only adds to the confusion and insures that more contributions may be suspect and therefore open to deletion (as trying to determine what is legit or not, is complicated by these same practices).
Unfortunately in this case BottomMind might be against you.

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