Real Soon Now

Don't worry, that bug will be fixed in TheNextRelease?, which will be out RealSoonNow. -- RobertField

Several years ago, in (I think) comp.lang.lisp, Lisp luminary Scott Fahlman posted this, which contains my favorite definition of the term:

In case you're not a computer person, I should probably point out that "Real Soon Now" is a technical term meaning "sometime before the HeatDeathOfTheUniverse?, maybe".

-- GlennVanderburg

I have to interject that this is a CatchPhrase? often seen by JerryPournelle in ByteMagazine whenever he has a prediction to make. RSN == RealSoonNow has become a BuzzWord throughout the InterNet. -- ChrisGarrod

I've always used it to mean: NotNowMaybeNever?. -- KyleJerviss

The best explanation for "Real Soon Now" I've ever seen is: "Soon, possibly never." We want to have it done soon, that really would be best, we'd all hope that would be the case, but, life being what it is... wear a helmet. -- BenScott

 10 When's that?
 20 RSN.
 30 When's that?
 40 Real soon now.
 50 GOTO 10

See also: AlarmBellPhrase, LiterallyMeaningFiguratively

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