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Really Valuable Pages List

Contains what some users of this Wiki have designated to be valuable contributions. When one has cruised through a few of these pages an idea should begin to emerge of what this community is all about, how pages are constructed, what passes for content, and something of the manner of presentation that allows a page to survive and grow.

WikiZens seek ways and means to increase value in this Wiki

Methods available: WikiZens seek to add value with every word, every link, and every Categorization

When linkages are well designed, mapping via available schemes will also increase value. These and other new innovative processes and devices can make this a really valuable Wiki.

Suggestion: When you add a page link to the list, a helpful addition would be a one line description encapsulating the essence of the page and indicating the value the reader can expect to derive when the page is visited. This is how you tell the Wikizens why the page cited belongs on this list.



Informal History of Programming Authors List as favorites:
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