Refactor By Condensing Question Answer Pair

Often you will see a question and answer pair posted in the "thread" of a Page.

One could easily refactor by combining the question and answer into a single statement or a single WikiName, followed by one or more statements in the new WikiPage. After this is done, it might be a good idea to move the statement closer to the top of the page, perhaps adding it to the initial description or immediately following it.

Score extra points for integrating the answer into other text on the page.

This can also be used when writing the original answer, preventing the thread from getting ThreadMessed and needing refactoring in the first place. Instead of responding to the question, delete it and replace it with the answer.

The person refactoring may wish to retain the signature of the answer (and possibly the question) by adding "contributor(s): " at the end (RefactorWhileRespectingSignatures).

If the person refactoring wishes to ensure that the contributors review the changes, they may try to catch their attention by adding a note and a link on each contributor's page.

This refactoring comes in two major forms:
Question + Answer + RefactorWhileRespectingSignatures Example:

How do I make pumpkin pie? -- AnonymousDonor

Buy pumpkin filling, dump it in a pre-made crust, and bake it. -- SomebodyElse

Refactor to:

To make a pumpkin pie, buy pumpkin filling, dump it in a pre-made crust, and bake it.

Contributors: AnonymousDonor, SomebodyElse

Statement + Question + Answer Example 1:

Where do I find information on ExampleThing on the web?

Have a look at .

Refactor to:

For more information on ExampleThing on the web, visit .

Statement + Question + Answer Example 2:

You could just turn off the syntax awareness feature.


Use ':syntax off'.

Refactor to:

You could just turn off the syntax awareness with ':syntax off'.

I entreat you all, please heed this advice! ThreadMode is a bore. RefactorFasterDeleteMore!

Contributors: PhilGoodwin, EricHerman, FridemarPache, JonathanTang

See also: ReplaceQuestionWithAnswer

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