Refactoring Pattern Space

A lot of patterns have been written. Some are well-written, some are not. There are many duplications. Some are special cases of others, some overlap. Patterns need to be reorganized.

It doesn't make sense to try to do it all at once. Instead, a better idea is to take a set of related patterns and try to reorganize them. Perhaps this will lead to PatternLanguages.

There are several attempts to do this in progress at the moment. We would like to know of (and encourage) others.

This page could be called RefactoringPatterns, but that name was already taken to mean source code refactoring patterns.

Might a Topic Page work better? This way, the page does not have to be updated each a new page is created. Instead, tHe new page merely needs to reference something like TopicPatternRefactoring, or some such to be included in its listing.

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