Refactoring To Patterns

Refactoring to Patterns JoshuaKerievsky AddisonWesley 2004.

ISBN 0-321-21335-1

A concept I've understood for a long time, but a term I first heard talking to JoshuaKerievsky.

Many times I've refactored, only to look up afterward to see the result nearly always provided a more elegant, integrated design than I considered going in.

WhatIsRefactoring? To me, it's an ideal way to explore, teach and learn about patterns because it does it in context of real code. The results are immediate and the ah-ha moment profound. -- JackBolles

Here is a link to my latest work on the subject of Refactoring To Patterns: -- JoshuaKerievsky

Greetings to Joshua ... I came by to add the following:

27 refactorings from Joshua Kerievsky's book, Refactoring to Patterns ...

I highly recommend the book's site ...

-- BenTremblay

Joshua: I picked the Golden Gate Bridge for the cover.

PhlIp: Show-off.

Refactoring to Patterns Interactive is a self-paced, web- and IDE-based learning environment, now available in Java and C#. It went live on November 18, 2005. On April 7, 2006, we released Part II of the workshop, including 7 important/advanced refactorings. Learn more at

-- JoshuaKerievsky
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