Reflection Tool For Engineers

Possible application from MaspImplementationDiscussion

One current interest I have is for a ReflectionToolForEngineers to be able to accumulate linked data about activities. At present I use quite a lot of different tools none of which provide all the desired functionality and I would be interested in any thoughts about possible implementations. -- JohnFletcher

Can you build a sample schema? Before pursuing a new database-like engine, let's make sure existing RDBMS or RDBMS-like tools cannot handle it satisfactorily. Perhaps we can tease out the reasons why existing ones are insufficient and form some candidate general rules for fit difficulties.

I was not thinking myself of a new database engine. I am an engineer at the application end of programming. I tend to want to take tools other people have built, for example MetaKit and EfourGraph, and use them to implement ideas. I also use many existing tools, e.g. OneNote, TiddlyWiki and other tools for collecting ideas. There are problems for me with each tool, but the main lack is an export system where I can bring together data from different systems. The ideas of the SemanticWiki are important here, but again I don't have any tools which will help. I was hopeful of CubicWeb but find it too restrictive and difficult to adapt. I know this is not a schema and therefore not a direct answer. I am having another look at ConnectedText for use as an individual note taking tool. I am finding that the semantic tools it contains help with building an ontology of the objects in a natural way. -- JohnFletcher
I have now encountered the ProgrammersStone and have a lot more things to reflect about. I think any tool will need to capture the dimensions there. -- JohnFletcher

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