Relational Cee

An alternative to the CeeLanguage.

RelationalCee does not actually exist.. it is just an idea...

CeeLanguage has "structs" which are very useful. RelationalCee would add tables (relvars) to Cee, which are far more powerful than structs and are higher level than structs and arrays.

RelationalCee might be a bad idea, or a good idea. The bad part about it is that Cee already lacks basic things like strings. It has pointers to chars, but no actual strings. So RelationalCee might end up being something different than Cee altogether since RelationalCee would have strings, whereas Cee does not.

Sometimes it is good to extend existing languages, other times it is better to make a new language from scratch.

RelationalC++ (RelationalCeePlusPlus?) is another idea, but it would be a mess. I can see the author of C++ wanting to add more to the C++ mess though, LaughOutLoud! Has the author of C++ (Barne) been informed of the relational model? Another page I would like to create on this wiki is some kind of pattern describing the lack of relational model popularity among genius programmers.. just look at the geniuses who create languages like java, ruby, c++, or even geniuses like Torvalds or Billy Gates - why haven't these clowns got the genius to understand the need for relational in our languages? I suppose MicrosoftLinq was one attempt/hack at the problem.

See also: TutorialDee, SmeQl, RelationalModel

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