Rename Me

A WikiTag for suggesting that the current page title be improved. ChoosingWikiNames is an art.

There are several reasons a page title may not represent the subject or content of a page:

  1. The page has a subject that is too wide, and the presentation may be about a specific subset of the title.
  2. The page may start off with a statement in agreement of the page title and then move to a topic which diverges from or is contrasting with it. The divergence may be due to the employment of ConversationalChaff, or failure on the part of the participants to "stick to the subject".
  3. Certain of the discussion and trend of the page moves to a more interesting sub-topic which should probably be inserted under a page title of its own. (But this is more a job for RefactorMe.)
  4. The material in the page is generally consistent and holds to a subject but it is not the page title. It is a candidate for Moving of the page material in total to another properly named page and deleting the misnomer page.
  5. The page title is confusing, relying on obscure idioms or cultural references.
  6. The page title does not scan well. A goal is for WikiWords to form phrases that would naturally occur in sentences to promote AccidentalLinking.

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