Requisite Pro

A truly hideous program for doing requirement specifications. Setting up traceability is especially bad. Keeping people from doing this awful repetitive work is why I got into programming.

The only cool part is the RequisiteProComInterface.

If it is such an awful product, why has it been taken to "like ducks to water" by every company that I have engaged in? I find it provides my customers with instant benefits of communication, maintainability, organisation and is a great time-saver. This is especially important nowadays, since every programmer who attempts to write code that has not come from a (managed) requirement deserves firing... -- David Williams, Rational Software, UK

So, despite the fact the tool that I wrote to help me more quickly set up the traceability matrix in RequisitePro ending up saving many more hours than it took to write, I should be fired because I didn't spend days getting requirements for it written and approved? Excuse me for saving company time rather than filing paper work asking for a new feature in a non critical system. PS, I wasn't the only person at the place who didn't like RequisitePro. Sure, we want to manage the requirements for our projects, but we felt that RequisitePro was a really awful tool for doing so, and it was just pushed upon us by management. -- JoshuaBoyd?

Tee hee. You ask "If it is such an awful product, why has it been taken to 'like ducks to water' by every company that I have engaged in?" Perhaps because you are the vendor, so you'd only be engaged by companies already predisposed to using the product? Or that the likelihood of good programmers being inspired to write a "process tool" is rather small, so you don't face much competition. Or that the people who are "into" things like requirements tools -- namely, so-called process experts -- are astonishingly immune to distaste for pointless busy work.

[...] "every programmer who attempts to write code that has not come from a (managed) requirement deserves firing ...."

There are plenty of people involved in the merry-go-round called software development who deserve firing, or at least (if you're not a shareholder) ridicule, but let's start with the so-called process experts, and save programmers for last.

RequisitePro seems a decent tool, but the fact that you can't use 'OR' constructs in the query builder for views is a horrible omission! Who would write a query builder without an 'OR'? -- Simon Guerrero

I have to say the fact that Requiste Pro FORCES you to use the most awful/horrible product on the planet, MS Word, that it is just as awful/horrible by association. The reason that so many people have bought it is stupid management decisions by people that would never have to actually install and use ( be tortured ) by such a horrible product.

The places we TRIED to use it, we spent more time doing this so called "management" than actually getting any work done, typical RationalSoftware?-product type workflow, horrible.

Wow - this is a remarkably unbalanced review. This person has anger issues so deep that this review would only convince people to look further into this tool. If you don't like being paid to use req pro, office, or any other product, vote with your feet and get another job.

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