Reward Ward

How can we reward WardCunningham, in a tangible way, for all his gifts to the development community? (CrcCard, DesignPatterns, ExtremeProgramming, WikiWeb, FrameworkForIntegratedTest, a role model for generosity and HumbleBrilliance?, etc.) While listening to WardsOopslaKeynote at OopslaOhFour, I wanted to hand him $100K or $1M, for his contributions to date. Unfortunately, I don't have it. But if enough people chip in, it's very possible. He probably doesn't need the money, but I doubt it would hurt. And, it may allow him to seed even more innovations. It is an investment that we could make, based on a great track record. -- KelleyHarris

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I would suppose that making meaningful contributions to the wiki would suffice to RewardWard.

Understood, but wishing Ward additional rewards, and a budget to do more good stuff.


What's the best way to do this to protect everyone legally and minimize Ward's taxes? As minimal first step, direct checks to Ward seem OK. Then maybe a simple escrow account could accumlate them and send him one bigger check. Any suggestions from someone that's done non-profit fund raising, etc.?

See also: ThankYouWard

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