Richard Blazek

Found Wiki and think it is a wonderful way to communicate and collaborate.

If anyone is interested in Macchu Pichu, the Inca Trail or Peru, here is my website with scans of photos:

My home page is where a few of my latest interests are highlighted.

My latest business is very local to Sagunto and Castellon, roughly the Costa de Azahar, and my latest venture is described on; I am translating Spanish articles for English speaking audiences. My UK company home page is . However as I have now moved to Spain and my UK company will be (temporarily at least) suspended.

I helped Paul James put his WikiTypeFramework on SourceForge recently and have marketed it a little on this Wiki.

My Philosophy of Life is summarised by Dorothy Rowe in a quote from Beyond Fear ISBN 0006371019 : Ninety nine per cent of suffering isn't caused by natural disasters like earthquakes, it's caused by the ideas we hold. And if we believe these ideas are absolute truths then we suffer and we force other people to suffer. But if we understand that our ideas are ideas we have created, then we know we're free to change them.

Here are the pages in which I take a special interest: I started a page on FunctionalProgrammingEnvironment in order to find out more about these interesting languages and to stimulate others into thinking how to progress these languages into the mainstream.

Described the MozartOzLanguage, which is an example of a FunctionalProgrammingEnvironment.


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