Richard Botting

RichardBotting, Richard John Botting(RJB), Computer Science and Engineering Department, JB339, California State University, San Bernardino. CA 92407, USA.

WWW Home Page: complete with links to blogs on active teaching, research, and admin.

I've been programming and using computers from the English Electric Ace (1960s) to a iPod.

I've just discovered that one of my machines from the 1960's (the FerantiPegasus?) is alive and well in the Science Museum in London... and another (an ElliottEightOhThree?) exists as a virtual machine under Linux. Gosh! I could run my PhD graphics system(1971) under Linux.

I know something of dozens of languages, diagrams, methods, etc. ranging from Ada to Z via the UML. And I still make mistakes. I've documented some of the languages in as samples of my MATHS language. MATHS used to be called PINAPL which stood for PINAPL Is Not A Programming Language. The idea was a way to type discrete mathematics and logic in ASCII. The purpose was not to write papers or do calculations but to describe problems and help discover solutions that could be shown to solve the problems. It included ideas from BNF (ExtremeBnf), NaturalDeduction?, ZedLanguage, PrincipiaMathematica?, and lots of different programming languages. I created a translator to HTML and use it for writing notes and web sites. You can find out more at and try the translator out at

Hobbies: English beer, comics, reading ( SF, Math, History, ...), twitching (birds!).

Dream: Retire to small flat in an English town between a library and a pub.

Worry: Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005, but under control so far (2009).

Partly Baked Ideas: ClassesShouldKnowTheirObjectsPattern (2008).

Once known as DickBotting. Key difference: Richard doesn't have a prostate any more.

Unless I say other wise, my writing is CopyLefted: Use and quote it but say where it came from.

Hi Dr. Botting, this is Kevin, just thought I'd drop you a line. A friend of mine, DirckBlaskey saw this page and mentioned it to me. --KevinHagel
Dick - I just stumbled across your name in this Wiki - which I am trying to make sense of. Hope things going OK with you - DavidMartland

Suggestion: "RickBotting?" instead of "DickBotting", in order to reduce confusion. Laughing out loud.

This man knows more obscure English literature references than most Oxford graduates, but has a terrible time trying to grow silk plants in his office! -RichMcGee

The leaves kept dropping off that plant - odd that -- just after Rich went by. I just wish I had a hoard of non-obscure references like real Oxbridge graduates. My university was in Uxbridge. The new plant is currently trying to take over my house -- since it was repotted. -- RJB

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