Richard Stanford

Let's see. I'm a lifelong techie, in fact I remember with fondness disassembling some of the original TI calculators when I was quite young (and they were quite expensive) - luckily my Dad was an SMTS at TI and could get me all sorts of other useful toys, such as punch cards (hard to get when you're sub-five, but great to draw on) and borked chips.

-> was different since childhood~^^ Since then, I've grown up, moved to the 'States, gained weight, lost weight, gained years, and am now living in Austin, TX with my lovely wife, working for Blue Sky Logistics (and I'm proud to be one of its founders), and running marathons in my spare time. It's not a bad life, really. If you want more detail, you should be able to check out, but right now the only thing up there is my running log. One of these days, though...

You might wish to correct your spelling there of "Achilles", "differential", "squeezing", "noticeable", etc.


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