Riding Camel Vs Walking

Riding a camel is not faster than crossing the desert by foot. It really isn't. It's one of the lessons the Bedouins let the young ones find out by themselves.

A camel led by hand can follow a man's pace, but when ridden by someone, it walks slower.

A camel costs a fair deal, so why invest in it? Walking by foot, humans lose more fluid than when riding a camel. So to survive a certain distance (without a surplus of extra camels loaded with water, which costs extra and need helpers to guide them, who need water also, etc.), you'll spend most of the time on the back of a camel.

This adds to the total time of travel, but increases your chances of arriving at your destination. -- StijnSanders


This is not accurate. I went on a trip in the Tunisian Sahara and there was no way to keep up with the camels. they are not much faster than humans, but just enough that you exhaust yourself. This could be due to dehydration but I remember distinctly having to walk 10-20% faster than my normal pace, which prevented SustainablePace.
Shouldn't this be renamed CamelPace?

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