Right To Sign

ToSignOrNotToSign is a longstanding issue on the WikiWikiWeb. Whilst some would believe that if you DontSign we can take a shortcut to UtopiaNow, not everyone wants their contributions to be WithoutSignature. It is difficult to RefactorWhileRespectingSignatures, and the process of RefactoringWikiPages generally leads to signatures eventually fading away. Nevertheless, some people like attaching their name to what they have to say. Friendships and common understandings are born this way, when the existence of shared opinions is discovered. WikiCitizens, whilst (notionally) sharing a common goal, are not nameless and interchangeable worker ants. Everyone has the RightToSign their name if they wish.

All WikiCitizens also have the RightToSign without fear of being attacked by faceless enemies on the basis of who they are.

Observation: "Right To Sign" has multiple parses and interpretations. These include: To some extent this kind of ambiguity leads to serendipitous meetings on this wiki, and I hope it continues.


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