Ring Around The Collar

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An American laundry detergent company marketing a pre-soak named Whisk invented a terrible scourge of laundresses everywhere - RingAroundTheCollar. It consists of the slight discoloration at the inside collar of the typically white shirts worn by typical American middle-class office workers. It is not seen by anyone other than the person doing laundry (due to the wearing of neckties), and is usually solved by the periodic bleaching of the white shirts (to handle stains elsewhere). Yet it was the bane of housewives across the nation.

Long, insipid television commercial series always featured a housewife publicly humiliated when someone points out her husband's collar. About as politically correct as marketing a soap called "ERA" at a time when the USA refused to ratify the EqualRightsAmendment?.

Many geeks are guilty of having RingAroundTheCollar.

 Well my name is Mike D. the ever lovin' man
 I'm like Spoonee G. cause I'm the metropolitician.
 So you shout and you holler 'bout my Chevy Impala
 But your sweat is getting wet around your ring around the collar!
       --The Beastie Boys

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