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Questions on my mind:

- Is there a technical term for what happens when a person looks at a particular word long enough that the word loses meaning? I had this happen once while driving through the North Shore in Minnesota, and seeing the word "cabin" on every billboard and property sign we passed. After a while, the word dissociated from its meaning and became just an object in itself. (Disturbingly, it happened to me again in this forum when I was browsing through the entries in CategoryEvil. Brrr.) I'm sure some linguist or psychologist has come up with a name for this. Anyone know what it is?

I don't know what the word is but drop me a line if you find out. I would say it's something like de-sensitization. The word ceases to have it's attributed meaning and becomes just a symbol through over-exposure to the symbol without the meaning. I find I can prompt it by repeating a word over and over about one or two hundred times. Not that I spend my days destroying the meaning of words but... -- IainLowe

I am a database developer in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, focusing mostly on document-based applications (LotusNotes / Domino and some web). I found this via the KMCI Virtual Chapter in Yahoo! Groups.
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The ShakerQuote reminded me of this joke:

Q: How do you make a statue of an elephant?

A: Take a block of marble, and cut away everything that doesn't look like an elephant.
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Favorite artists: my wife, Christee; NormanRockwell?; MauritsCorneliusEscher
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