Rob Myers

email: See the website, where I've attempted to deftly dodge the spambots...



twitter: agilecoach

I'm an agile/ExtremeProgramming/scrum coach and instructor. I've had the great fortune to work with talented consultants such as FredGeorge, JimShore (previously known as JimLittle), JoshuaKerievsky, SomikRaha, JeffMcKenna, the team at MenloInstitute, and other trainers at NetObjectives. Successful ExtremeProgramming-related projects with wikified stories include the NrcXpWorkshop, DenaliProject, and OtisTwo? (oh, there's nothing here on OtisTwo?? Drat!).

If you're looking for anything from the old Mindful Software ( site, I still have all that.

I hold a WardNumber of 1.

MyMyersBriggsTypeIs INTJ.

I am not ScottMeyers. I am not RobMee.

Self-aggrandizement Section: Wiki pages I wrote or started, or to which I contributed a large percentage of keystrokes, neural calories, or hours

Favorite Wiki pages Things I want to finish reading

Notes to self:
Thanks for the well-written thumbnail history of ZenBuddhism! -- IanOsgood

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