Robert Cecil Martin

Robert C. Martin is the president and founder of ObjectMentor, Inc., a consulting company that specializes in OO training, mentoring and consulting, and training in ExtremeProgramming. He has authored many contributions to the field such as:

Robert is also the former editor of the CppReport and a co-editor of PatternLanguagesOfProgramDesign 3. In addition, he has been an invited speaker at many conferences worldwide including: PLOP, OOPSLA, ObjectExpo?, C++ World, and the Java Developers Conference.

He is the author, with JamesNewkirk, of ExtremeProgrammingInPractice.

He is currently co-authoring a new book, "Advanced Principles, Patterns, and Processes of Object Oriented Software Development" (with JamesNewkirk?). See

For more information about Robert Martin and ObjectMentor, Inc. please see his company's home page at:

My draft criticism of Martin's "Agile Principle, Patterns, and Practices" series:

See also: CodeStyleReflectsOrganization

PayrollExample is also based on an example from his books.


Also known as UncleBob
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