Robert Watkins

I'm a Java developer, currently working for I've been called a SoftwareEngineer, SoftwareArchitect, and a few other names, but I tend to ignore the titles and just do what I do. Possibly the best way to describe me would be as a SoftwareCraftsman, journeyman-level striving for master, ala PeteMcBreen's "SoftwareCraftsmanship" book

My current interests include J2EE development, Patterns, and ExtremeProgramming, but I'm willing to dabble in just about anything.

I can be reached by email at My personal home page these days is my blog, which is at

Having just stumbled across this page, I can confirm that I am a GentlePersonAfflictedWithPeculiarNotions. MyMyersBriggsTypeIs the IntpType?, for those of who you care about those things. Personally, I don't, but I am amused at how many there are on Wiki given that we're meant to be such a small percentage of the population.

For further information, I live and work in Brisbane, Australia. I've worked for a number of companies within Brisbane, now, and even did a stint as a private contractor. These days, as I said, I work at

I'm also the proud owner of a PersonalWiki, and I find it very useful.

For the observant, you'll note a Dilbert doll just behind me in the photo. He observes my work and protects me from harm, though not half as well as a Dogbert (Patron Saint of Technology!) doll would do. In many ways, I view Dilbert (the character, not the strip) as my TotemAnimal. I wish I could view Dogbert that way, but I'm just not up to that standard yet. In equally many ways, I view Dilbert (the strip, not the character) as a MetaphorsWeLiveBy.

Pages I've started (that I care to claim):

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