Robin Milner

Winner of the ACM TuringAward in 1991:
For three distinct and complete achievements: 1) LCF, the mechanization of DanaScott's Logic of Computable Functions, probably the first theoretically based yet practical tool for machine assisted proof construction (see AutomatedTheoremProving); 2) ML [MlLanguage], the first language to include PolymorphicTypeInference together with a type-safe exception-handling mechanism; 3) CCS [CalculusOfCommunicatingSystems?], a general theory of concurrency. In addition, he formulated and strongly advanced full abstraction, the study of the relationship between operational and DenotationalSemantics.

One half of HindleyMilner.

Did research on ActionCalculi like the PiCalculus. Author of the books "Communicating and Mobile Systems: The Pi-Calculus" ISBN 0521658691 and "Communication and Concurrency" ISBN 0131150073

Also see SmlLanguage.

RobinMilner is not to be confused with RobertMilne? who co-authored the book "A Theory of Programming Language Semantics" with ChristopherStrachey.
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