Rolf Freimuth

I am new to Wiki but what I have seen so far is very intriguing.

I am a software developer and I am looking for a good WikiWikiClone to use as a ProjectWiki. I think my group could really benefit from our own Wiki. I am also interested in using Wiki to keep my own notes on my project.

I primarily develop with Microsoft ASP so I tried AspWiki. I was impressed with how easily I got it going, but I think it is missing features. It looks like it does not do the question mark next to a WikiName that has no document. Instead, it creates a document for each WikiName when the document is saved. Ugh.

This is no longer the case -- as of Oct 2000

I am keen on the PythonLanguage so I am also looking into PikiPiki and MoinMoin.

If you are German, you might be interested in DseWiki, WikiService and ProWikiEngine. -- HelmutLeitner


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