Ron Jeffries Is Evil

When a little angel appears over your left shoulder saying "I think you can get by only turning the knob to 9.75 there", a little red RonJeffries with horns appears over your other shoulder...
Ron recently expressed disappointment on the XpMailingList that he had not achieved evil status yet. This page is in dedication of that.

This has got to be the funniest page I've seen here in a while.

That's nice, but should I then fear him? In other words, is RonJeffriesConsideredHarmful??

Or is he MostlyHarmless?

More importantly, Who is RonJeffries ?
He's a methodologist. Of course he's evil. ;) -- SunirShah

I thought he was the SpeedSeduction? guy ... Oh, that's Ross Jeffries. But yes, he's evil too.

Come code with me sometime, Young Shahwalker. We'll see who's a methodologist.

Ohmigod! Now it all makes sense: RonJeffries is SunirShah's father!

"Let your hatred flow. Yes, yes, I can see you hate BigDesignUpFront too!"

Well, duh, man. I hate everything. SoftwareIsReallyPointless, y'know. Don't get me started on Java. --ss

Ha! I knew it all the time! ;-> -- JeffGrigg
How can anyone so cute and cuddly truly be evil?

It's always who you least suspect --Ned (The Devil) Flanders


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