Run Lola Run

German artsy film, iterative like GroundhogDay? but infinitely cooler. Sound track is almost entirely fast, German techno.

A girl with blazingy red hair runs continually for an hour and a half, trying to save her boyfriend by getting together a hundred thousand marks in twenty minutes or less. There is one perfect, possible future and it takes them several tries to find it.

She has to reach her dad, who has over a hundred grand but apparently doesn't own a phone. The poor girl doesn't think to call ahead.

Sounds like quite a few software projects.

So what type of programmer is Manni? What about the crime boss?

I'd say Manni is a project manager. His actions have got him into trouble and it's up to you to make superhuman efforts to get him out. And of course the crime boss would be the GoalDonor/GoldOwner. Here's your impossible target and if you don't meet it expect termination. And if you succeed it's not a big deal.

It reminded me of FemmeFataleMovie? in the way it played with alternate possible outcomes. Some of these films that would otherwise be straight drama take on a ScienceFiction air because of these techniques. BrazilTheMovie also comes to mind with timeline twists though that was more in the imagination.

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