Sam Disanto

I have known about this site for quite a while, but I was very juvenile when I first used it. Then I went into a non-technology hiatus for a time & now I am trying to learn more WebDesign along with some interest in TeleCommunications? / Networking. I'm also trying to know some AssemblyLanguage / MachineCode. While I have those interests, I also have a very strong enjoyment for Political Science & Philosophy. I am from the Boston area (south of the city).

My results from toying around with DreamWeaver enough

You can leave a message on this page, I'll occasionally check. Or email

To whomever is editing my user page: Why do you have to revert it to that old edit? While there may have been some things imperfect about my page, you should just leave a message here first & then maybe you could justify your changes. ~ SamDisanto

Your UserName was spoofed by GrammarVandal at some point, and therefore the SharkBot reverted it automatically. Lucky I caught it this time and stopped it. I suggest you delete your UserName cookie to prevent this in the future. -- DaveVoorhis

Thank you, Dave. Is there a reason such bots exists? Because the old reversion of my page was much worse. ~ SamDisanto

The SharkBot exists to enforce a HardBan on banned individuals like GrammarVandal. Spoofing your UserName is a way that GrammarVandal has attempted to get around the HardBan.

So am I better off not using the UserName cookie from and instead editing without it? (like I am now for this very message) ~ SamDisanto


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