Sammy The Snake

I am SammyTheSnake (I spell it without spaces anyway, so I don't mind WikiWording it)

I have worked for a rather short time at a company in Coventry (England, UK) programming (for my sins) on the Windows platform. I hope to upgrade to Unix of some variety when I've gained enough experience, oh, and earn more than I could've done as a floor polisher if I'd chosen to shun the option of experience over pay...

I can be e-mailed on if you care to...

-- SammyTheSnake

By the way, I doubt that good floor-polishers come cheap.

My sister's currently taking a year out between college and university. She polishes floors for minimum wage (£3.90 per hour if I recall correctly for her age, that's around $6-7 I think). I make no assertions with regard to if she or I would constitute a 'good' floor polisher, though... -- SammyTheSnake

RealNamesPlease, Sam.

No offense intended, my real name is Sam Penny (or, more correctly, Samuel Alexander Penny, but nobody calls me that, not even my mum). I've been present on the internet to varying degrees for over a decade with the moniker SammyTheSnake as a google search will make clear, so I feel it's only appropriate to continue in that vein. On the other hand, I'm not intending to hide my identity, though I don't think it's reasonable for me to link my personal opinions with that of my company, so I won't publicize my employer's identity unless somebody asks...

No offense taken. However, this is a matter of WikiSocialNorms. Take a look at RealNamesPleaseDiscussion; the page's length alone should give some indication of how strongly some WikiZens feel about the subject.


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