San Francisco Patterns Group

This group hasn't met for quite some time. However, I am thinking of starting it up again.
We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month from 7pm-10pm in downtown San Francisco at:

   DesignMind?, Inc.
   124 Beale St., Mezzanine Level
   San Francisco, CA 94117

(Thanks to VinceNibler? )

For more information please see [1] or For a map, please see [2] (was [3] but that doesn't seem to work anymore).

We use as the mailing list. and man it is neat.
Is this group still active? I've just moved into the area and the SiliconValleyPatternsGroup meets about an hour from home. --AustinDavid,
Can someone please post the details of this group? Any web site, or info if it is still active appreciated. Thanks. AnonymousCoward.
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